This Is A Moose, coming soon!

The entire cast of characters from “This Is A Moose,” written by Richard Morris, published by Little, Brown, on sale May 1st.
It’s about a Moose who wants to be an astronaut, his lacrosse-playing grandmother and duck who’s trying to make a nature documentary.
Kirkus Reviews made sense of it and gave it a starred review. 


Colored pencil (lots of it) on Mi-Teintes paper. Click for a larger view.

You’re welcome!

After giving a presentation at the Northern Illinois University Children’s Literature Conference on Friday, I was chatting with some folks when someone walked by and dropped a piece of paper into my tote bag. When I got home, I discovered it was this, which gives me all the motivation I need to create a few more books. Thanks to an anonymous teacher/librarian out there.1922402_618992604862437_2078314748_n

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