Who is this guy?


I’m a children’s book author and illustrator.

You can see all my books at tomlichtenheld.com

4 thoughts on “Who is this guy?”

  1. Hey Tom! Remember me from CK/Hyatt fun!
    So today we received a new book I had ordered for my boys, Duck Rabbit, and I’m looking at the cover and see your name…
    Wait, I know that name! Great book and even better knowing that you were the author.
    Both my boys loved it!
    Take Care,
    Rory Conway Dominick
    previously CK Account Sup.

  2. We totally enjoyed this book…all about perspective and how you look at things told in a very fun, simple and engaging way.

  3. Do you sell art work from steam train, dream train? My son wold really love to have some art work like the pictures in the child’s room from the book.

    • Annie, Thanks for your interest. I don’t sell art or prints from the book, but you can purchase a puzzle that’s based on the book. It’s actually a series of cards that interlock, so could imagine framing some of the individual pieces. Thanks for your support! – Tom L.

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