A few years ago, a young mom in Chicago went to load the dishwasher and was surprised to find that the silverware basket was missing. She discovered it had been appropriated by her truck-loving son, to be used as a carrier on the back of a toy truck. The mom was Sherri Duskey Rinker, and she turned her son’s passion for trucks into a children’s book manuscript. Chronicle Books bought it and proposed that it be illustrated by a guy who, to date, had only done one thing for them; an illustration so crude that you can’t tell whether it’s a duck or a rabbit. That lucky guy was me, and the book – Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site – just hit number one on the NYT bestseller list for picture books.

Huge thanks to everyone who made it happen; Sherri and her son, my agent Amy Rennert, editors Mary Colgan and Victoria Rock, designer Amelia Mack,  and all the wonderful folks at Chronicle Books who do so much to make a book succeed.